About Us & Our Unique Advantage in the Home Care Industry


Nurse Directed Non-Medical Home Care

Hi, I am Michelle Jackson MSN RN BCPA

I am a registered nurse with 25 years experience in healthcare. My advanced education and credentials allows Customized Care at Home to deliver truly exceptional home care services.

Non-medical home care agencies are often led by business owners with no background in healthcare. Our agency is owned and operated differently.

My medical and caregiving experience guides the vision of Customized Care at Home and ultimately deliver unique services that help them safely and happily age in place.

Our assessments - My background covers skilled care, rehab, surgical post Op and post hospital care, chronic disease management and the Intensive Care Unit. This experience drives our assessments which identify the care needs of those who wish to stay at home.

Our communication with you and the healthcare community - our experience allows us to develop rapport with physicians and healthcare providers and speak to them in a language they respect. Ultimately, we help clients navigate the healthcare system through our unique patient advocacy services.

Our training programs are developed with the same experienced background as a base. These programs cover both technical caregiving skills and the human element of caregiving.