Chronic Lung Disease Home Care

Chronic Lung Disease Home Care

Taking care of chronic lung diseases in the home can be challenging and limit your ability to do even the basic tasks at home, such as light housekeeping, preparing food and meal planning. and all of the small things that used to be so easy. Chronic lung diseases such as COPD, Emphysema as well as Asthma affects countless individuals. According to the American Heart Association, COPD is the third leading cause of death in the United States.

Chronic lung condition influences a person's lung capacity as well as lessens their ability to breathe. It's a progressive illness, that over time the condition will certainly worsen and will certainly begin to restrict someone's air passage making it difficult to breathe, sleep, workout or perhaps stroll. We can help you conserve energy by assisting with basic home maintenance, and the small daily activities your loved one can no longer perform.

There is no well-known cure for COPD, nevertheless, with very early detection there are effective treatments offered. Cautious tracking of the disease can boost the enjoyment of one's lifestyle as well as the capability to continue to be independent in the house.

Whether afflicted by COPD, Emphysema or Asthma patients with a persistent lung illness need unique treatment. Each individual is unique,  but all have a common objective, remaining at home as long as they can, and maintaining their quality of life. Professional caretakers are experienced in supporting individuals with chronic lung illness and in assisting in preserving their lifestyle.

How can home care aides support those living at home with chronic lung diseases?

Because our founder is a Registered Nurse, we have specific training programs for our Caregivers. Caregivers are trained to provide non-medical care for clients with chronic lung diseases. The programs consist of supportive items such as:

  • Boost client compliance with nutritional and/or way of life adjustments.
  • Encourage fluids to avoid dehydration and reduce hospitalizations.
  • Reminders to check oxygen saturation levels and to take their oxygen
  • Prepare meals/specialized diet regimen
  • Light home cleaning to keep the house clean to avoid triggers such as dirt or pet dander, free of clutter to avoid falls.
  • Assistance with everyday living tasks and individual treatment
  • Companion to doctor appointments/errands

Home cleaning and safety to improve air quality

It is important to understand that the quality of the air in your home can aggravate COPD symptoms. Your air quality at home may be poorer than you think. There are many allergens and irritants in the air that can trigger COPD symptoms. Avoiding a “flare-up” is vital. An exacerbation of your condition can lead to a lung infection, which may cause further lung damage. Our home care team ensures your home is kept clean to reduce the possibility of flair-ups caused by poor air quality.